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Hello friends!

Yo! My name is Sandy and thank you for taking the time to read this! I am an asian american artist who enjoys drawing on her spare time. I am currently a high schooler who likes to eat eggs. I enjoy company, but I usually don't speak to much folks until a while..
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Q: How long have you been drawing?
A: I started in elementary school (4/5th grade). However, I havent started digital art until 5 years ago (or how ever old my deviantART account is right now).
Q: What are your tools of trade?
A: I use a wacom bamboo, MTE-450. I know it's very traditional but I'm use to it and prefer it compared to the newer versions.
Q: What programs do you use?
A: I mainly use easy paint tool sai, however, I sometimes use photoshop.
Q: What is your educational background with art.
A: After taking a few classes, I realize I am not very hands on with craft art lol... A lot of the classes I take does not have the purpose to teach art techniques, but rather give students free time to draw. However, most of my classes did teach about general art basics (color theories, form, etc).
Q: How long do you draw per day? (apparently this is a common question and IDK why it is)
A: 5-11 hours.

If you have any more questions, check out my FAQ
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Art Status

Requests >>> closed
Trades >>> closed
Commissions >> closed
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what is up for autumn

To do list

>>>Eutopi's Contest prizes (1)
>>>Laenia's contest prizes (4)
>>>Banchan90's contest prizes (8)
>>>Funnifox's gift icon. (1)
>>>Lynniee's free icons. (2)
>>>Crystal-mint's painting of raffle oc (1)

Tiny pixel cheebo wait list (20 usd)


What is worst? 

65 deviants said Toy 'R' Us (a children toy company) selling breaking bad toys.
28 deviants said Toy 'R' Us (a children toy company) selling barbie dolls.


Some stuff to keep in mind

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Please read

Please do not copy, reference, steal, repost, modify my art in any way, what so ever. Thank you!
_If you plan to watch me, I recommend you to unwatch my journals because they come very often and is useless for you.

Current paintings

Contest prize : eutopi waist up by RiguneRequest 1 by RiguneBabs 1 by RiguneBabs 2 by Rigune


digital chibi commissions vlosedhello! If you didnt know i have quite the todolist for my contest prizes. I told my winners if they wanted to trade art for money instead, they could! Right now one of them is interested in trading one of the prize for cash instead
so I need to make some money for them ; u ; <3
If you're interested, please comment or note me! thank youu
At this moment I'm taking only paypal since it's not personal cash ; y ;
Some basic stuff,
1 slot = maximum of 2 CHIBIS. Sorry! I dont want to overwork.
Each chibis cost 15 dollars usd each!
Please be a bit patient, some reason my family booked plans this weekend, but i'll be trotting for them during school ; u ; /
Right now i am taking 
2 slots!
They would look like this:

Sorry i dont have any chibi examples since this isa new style ; u ; / 
thank u for reading!!
Total amount of characters:
Character refs:

want 6000 points? (giveaway + contest!!)I have no idea where this gif is from ;_;
Hello! I have returned for yet another giveaway, but also this time... A contest! I've never done a contest before, so bare with me here uvu;;; Both the giveaway and contest will revolve around my main OC, Ichigo Tanaka
I'll get straight to the point, since I know most of you reading this are interested in what the giveaway has to offer. For both the giveaway and the contest, you do not need to be watching me. Both are for everyone!
For the giveaway...
How to enter:
Make a journal or poll linking back to Ichigo's ask blog  AND this journal. Post a link to your journal/poll in the comments(Optional, for an extra entry) Suggest a title (not names!!!)for my original comic that will surround Ichigo and my other OCs. Serious suggestions only please! If you need ideas,
Tiny pixel cheebos waitlist closedHello!! this is just a wait list for tiny pixel cheebos. I wish i can take them right now but my to do list is stuff.
I'm hoping to do these maybe in december or november, so thats when i would open, but if anyone is interested in my pixel cheebos
please comment!!
I am taking 5 slots. You can order 2 characters per each slot
they look like this:

and cost a total of 20 dorra
edited: omitted these sentences cause i realize she could be reading this and i want it as a surprise omg
I FINALLY GET A WEEKEND UNDISTURBED, meaning NO FAMILY OR FRIEND EVENT.// so im hoping to finish a lot of my todo list this week and next week u v u <3333
Current update:


:iconchokichan: :iconpupuliima: :iconshwubs: :iconjinxtwist: :iconellabunny123:


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